Scientific Research

The FDSC mission is to lead scientific approaches to risk and safety assessments. The research at FDSC has been conducted to contribute to the development and experimental validation of biological and chemical testing systems designed to predict and explain biological responses to chemical exposure of foods, drugs, medical devices, and environmental media. Scientists at FDSC have received academic awards from international and Japanese Societies in such fields such as the Study of Fatty Acids & Lipids, Alternatives to Animal Experiments, Immunotoxicology and Environmenntal Mutagens. The result is that the research becomes applicable to evaluating the safety of many products and valuable in preventing their adverse effects, and contributes to the reduction of environmental risks in our lives. For this purpose, research projects are continued and extended as follows:

* Safety evaluation of medicines and chemicals related to the lifecycle (Analysis of mechanisms and development of assay system for lifecycle-related toxic manifestations)

* Biological safety evaluation of medical devices

* Development of new techniques for the toxicity testing, such as alternatives to animal testings and high-throughput screening

* Establishing proficiency testing system for food analysis

* Construction of safety evaluation system for biotechnology products


All of the Annual Reports of Hatano Research Institute, from Vol.21 (1998) to the present, are available as pdf files for downloading and printing.

Research Support and Training

FDSC has supported many research projects under development with our experience and techniques and has offered an opportunity to train researchers and students who wish to engage in safety science. FDSC continues to offer assistance in research and training.

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