About FDSC

Leading Provider of Safety Testing for Human Health


The Food and Drug Safety Center (FDSC) in Japan, was founded in 1970 by Japan's visionary leaders as an independent research organization for the public interests that would specialize in scientific research into food and drug safety. In 1975, Hatano Research Institute (HRI) was established near Tokyo in Hadano city and became an active center for FDSC. Its goal has been to develop safety regarding the use of chemicals in foods, drugs and other related materials, thereby contributing to the public health and wellbeing. HRI is now integrated with FDSC's headquarters, and together, they have developed into an organization of more than 100 professionals with extensive resources. FDSC has worked in collaboration with the Government, OECD programs and cell bank systems of Japanese Collection of Research Bioresources (JCRB) and has assisted the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). For over 30 years, FDSC has been a leading organization in developing better scientific safety evaluation for foods, drugs, chemicals and medical devices.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to improving public health through the use of better predictive measures regarding the evaluation of food, drug and chemical safety. By developing new and effective testing methods and employing toxicological concepts in safety science, we ensure that these goals are met. Our mission has been realized by providing quality testing to ensure that the materials and products used in healthcare, medical practice, and daily life, are safe.


We are committed to developing new and effective approaches for safety assessments on new chemicals, materials, foods, drugs and medical devices, including biotechnology and advanced technology products. We strive to achieve strong partnerships with our clients and employ reliable approaches in our research and development projects.